Cathy Barber and Ralph Demicco
Cathy Barber, MPA & Ralph Demicco

In this compelling talk, find out how public health professionals—like Cathy Barber—have partnered with gun shop owners—like Ralph Demicco—to prevent suicide.

Dan Reidenberg and Candice Madsen
Dan Reidenberg, PsyD & Candice Madsen

Dan Reidenberg explains the way in which the media covers suicide can impact the lives of others at risk. TV producer Candice Madsen shows that it’s possible to offer hope and also boost ratings.

Alex E. Crosby
Alex Crosby, MD, MPH
Doreen Bird
Doreen Bird, MPH
Ashby Dodge
Ashby Dodge, LCSW
Barb Gay
Barb Gay, MA
Image of Jerry Reed, PhD, MSW
Jerry Reed, PhD, MSW
Image of John Draper, PhD
John Draper, PhD
Picture of Michael Hogan, Ph.D
Michael Hogan, PhD
Image of Ken Norton, LICSW
Ken Norton, LICSW